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Many Hungarian creator use tyre as furniture or to separate the space, but we can notice that all their creation has rounded shape. I thought that I break with the limitation of shape and I won’t use the rounded shape, but I use the markings of the tread. In my opinion tyre is suitable to the dynamically and exciting visualization of animals. “MUSCULATURE, POWER, DINAMICS” – may are the most suitable phrase to describe my creation.

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„Know what you want and try to go beyond your own expectations. (….) Practice a lot, and set a very high goal, one that will be difficult to achieve. Because that is an artist’s mission: to go beyond one’s limits. An artist who desires very little and achieves it has failed in life.”

Paulo Coelho

The art can cure by binding life with existence again – from which it torn. Only art be able to do this, because it keeps human – either a creator or a receiver - to be the open-minded.

Végh Attila


Thanks to my grandfather, who was a foreman in building-trade, I chose this profession. It means the highest-level fulfilment of thirst for creation, because in human scale there is not bigger and monumental than a building.

In 2008. I was on a professional practice at Cultural Heritage Office, where I got insight in the first phase of “European Capital of Culture in 2010.”

In 2012. I took my architect and designer-art degree in the University of Pécs. Now I am engineering, but I also take part in construction. .

During the university, I met with modern sculpture. I had a type of architectural plan, that connect with waste recycling.

I feel that my task is to make new creations from the material which surround me.

My creations open windows of a world where amazement end power is dominating. The fine and meticulous preparation and the power compose a transcendent and authentic emotion.

The art of gum was shaped by childlike and instinctive playfulness, which is changing by setting a new piece of gum.

In the spring of 2015. I was voted in “50 talented Hungarian young man” mentorprogram which was organized by La Femme magazine, where I got acquainted with an area which meant a bigger challenge for me.

The unique miracle of busó festival has already impressed me in my childhood. I learnt trimming busó mask in self-taught way, the old wood-carver’s works are exemplary for me.

So, I turned out a perspective and design which alloy and respect the tradition. In Mohács, in 2005.

I got the “Master chisel” and the certificate, which was the appreciation of my work. In 2011. the National Bank of Hungary – saluting the tradition – produced a silver medallion, which was ornamentes with Baráth busó mask. My most important principle is that I should hold and transmit the real worth of folk art and tradition.

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